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 [Entertainment] Pokemon Deluge web game :D

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PostSubject: [Entertainment] Pokemon Deluge web game :D   Thu Sep 10, 2009 4:42 am

just visit http://pokemondeluge.com/index.php

This Web Game got my attention, well its kinda 34% interesting hehehehe
well am kinda wanna share this interest of mine if you like to play some classics
then here... hmm its a leveling pokemon which, you got your first Pokemon [ you can pick from the list]
then boost its level by battling Users and evolve and change attacks and other kinds of shits..

well if you wanna be level 100 fast there [ max lvl is 100 ]
well i think you might require this by batteling this USERS
--- well at first battle on of these account.. [ if you're a first timer] well its kinda probably, "hard" or " its fucking taking my time" or something like that
yes its kinda like that.. but once you level.... the higher damage you can apply to your opponent Razz

This are Called "TRAINING ACCOUNTS" well they are not cheat.. they're just training... well The Officials don't declare Training Accounts are Cheats.... well if they declare it... there will be none playing it... and they'll ban every shit they met Training accounts

Training accounts for fire - Monkey_D_Luffy or trainfireflying
Training accounts for water - FireTrainer or ShadowstormNotShadow
Training accounts for grass - Diamond or ShadowstormNotShadow
Training accounts for electric - Diamond or ElectroTraino
Training accounts for psychic - PsychicTR or trainpsychic
Training accounts for rock - FireTrainer
Training accounts for ground - FireTrainer or ShadowstormNotShadow or PsychicTR or trainpsychic
Training accounts for fighting - ShadowstormNotShadow or Turkish_Alpha
Training accounts for flying - Monkey_D_Luffy or trainfireflying or Dhtrainbug
Training accounts for dark - DarkMaster or TrainDark
Training accounts for bug - DarkMaster or TrainDark
Training accounts for dragon - TrainDragon

eheheheheh that help you out to get level 100 fast.. in less than 3 hours XD

oh yah...

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[Entertainment] Pokemon Deluge web game :D
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